Your E-commerce website fully up and running for €278!!

How is that even possible?

Irish Small Business can avail of a LEO Trading Online Voucher and have a website created worth almost €3000, still only pay €278. 

A grant for 90% of your costs

Trading Online Voucher

The coronavirus crisis has hit lots of Irish businesses. In response to Covid-19, the Irish Government announced changes to the Trading Online Vouchers to help small Irish businesses. For a limited time only, you can apply for a Trading Online Voucher for 90% of the costs to develop or enhance your ability to trade online. 

Trading Online Vouchers are grants of up to €2500 for small businesses.

About the Program

How to get 90% off?

The Trading Online Vouchers issued by the Local Enterprise Office (LEO) can be used to either create a new transaction-based website or enhance your existing presence.

Who is this for?

So, are you a retailer that wants to start selling to online customers? Either by click and collect or via shipping local, national or worldwide. This is the opportunity to do so.

Are you a practitioner, therapist, reflexologist, physiotherapist and want to allow your clients to book appointments 24 hours a day? Do you want to organise group sessions live or online? Now you can start.

Will this work?

These days creating an online presence, even with orders and financial transactions, will not cost you €3000. To qualify for this Trading Online Voucher, you will need to go beyond design. A part of the budget will have to be reserved for promotion and online marketing. This to prevent creating something that nobody will see.

It is like opening a shop in a rented premise. Better locations cost more. Create a better location online needs some investments. That is how the Trading Online Voucher is helping you to succeed.

What do you mean by transaction-based website?

A transaction-based website is one where a major part of the process between you and your company are handled by the website.

Examples are:

  • Online ordering of physical goods
  • Ordering and delivery of digital goods
  • Delivery of digital services as coaching or learning
  • Subscriptions to services or a website
  • Online counselling
  • Appointment scheduling online
  • Payment of any of transactions above through the website.


How does this work?

Send us your company details and we will investigate if you have any chance to qualify for a Trading Online Voucher.

We will then discuss your business needs, create a project plan and budget, and help you apply for your voucher.

Of course, you can also choose to self-apply for a Trading Online Voucher, in which case we will send you a non-binding offer for your project application.