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When designing or renewing your website there is no better partner than a web designer near you. One that sits with you when you explain what you expect from being online.
A partner who helps to get the material like photos and texts or even helps to create them.
We are committed to being that partner.

Your business is one of a kind. We always try understand your specific needs and provide a tailored website design to ensure your site fits you and your business. We take the time to do intensive research and analysis before we begin with the design process. It is our goal to meet all your requirements up to the smallest detail.

Basic website

This package suits businesses that need to be online, but do not depend on sales driven through the Internet. Types of businesses that could do with the basic design are accountants, solicitors, craftspeople, builders and other small and medium-sized enterprises. You supply us with your logo, texts and photos, and we create your website.

Full-service website

You have no website and hardly any materials to start with. The full-service package includes the creation of a promotional text of about 300 words, a photo shoot on location and the design of a text logo. This method helps us create a website in which you recognise your company.

Premium website

You expect or already have a lot of business through the Internet or have a website with a lot of content. Your business has its own style or brand image. Your website reflects this in look and feel. We will use your input or that of your bureau to reflect this. The result will astound you.

Custom website

When you run a business with lots of online revenue, your website will use innovative technology. Your visitors can order products, pay online, buy tickets or make a reservation. Let us help you to achieve this through e-commerce solutions, custom-made indexes and database applications.

Your new website or complete renewal of your current one

We will combine your requirements with our best practices to give your website a modern appearance. Our designers work according to the latest design standards. Your site will load lightning fast and looks perfect on any device. We optimise for search engines to get your website a higher ranking on Google search. A strong component of these aspects in the redesign process will help you achieve your goals. Your site will be a better ranking, have more visitors, a superior brand presentation and awareness to bring more customers

Ready to help your business in Ballyvourney make impact online

It all starts with a meeting. We can come to you and discuss the matter. To make the right offer we need to answer a lot of questions. What is it you want? What materials are available? What is the goal of having a website? Do you need to be on social media like Facebook, Twitter or Instagram as well? Who will do what? From there on we can make an offer for a standard package or work out a project plan. If it is a standard package, we can start immediately. In other cases, we would need to make a quotation first. It all depends. 

First ask yourself: can I still do without on in the day and age? Once decided you need one it all depends on the looks, the size, fittings and what’s, technically, under the hood. But to give you an idea: it starts with a small business website, like an online brochure that will generate a direct response. This will cost from €499 onwards and could easily be just what you need. From there on you can upgrade in size and accessories: choose for a more exclusive custom layout and add logo design, promotional text writing, photography and video. 

The most important reason for a company to have a website is to expand and grow their business. Understanding what you need as a business owner and how to present this to the visitor on the web is a crucial success factor. Impact One can help you be successful online and make the Internet work for you.

The best way to start is to contact us. We are open to discussing the possibilities with any business, without any obligation to buy. Contact us by phone: 089 4622 115 WhatsApp: +353 89 4622 115 e-mail: website:

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